Professor Fred Olayele’s research and practice focus on trade policy, FDI, innovation, urban policy, political economy, and inclusive development. A distinguished economist and public policy executive, he has published and shared best practices in these areas at numerous conferences and institutions around the world.

A results-oriented leader and mentor to countless students and public policy professionals, Dr. Olayele’s diverse career spans academia, government, finance, and international development.

A passionate teacher and public intellectual, he has consulted widely and advised many public and private organizations in Canada, United States, and Africa. He serves on several non-profit boards and supports many social causes.


with K. Soo, Cogent Economics & Finance, Volume 8, Issue 1, 2020

The International Trade Journal, Volume 33, Issue 5, 2019

with A. Gutiérrez, Metrópolis, el futuro es ya presente, Núm. 920 (2021)

Professional Practice

With a passion for translating academic research and theory into evidence-based policymaking and practice, Dr. Olayele brings his extensive capability and all-round professional economics experience to his technical advisory practice. From problem setting and policy formulation to scenario analysis and decision-making, Prof. Olayele is quick to deploy quantitative policy analysis, simulation models, and other important instruments in the policy toolkit – while also helping decision-makers understand varying complexities and important trade-offs.

……..much of my work really happens at the intersection between economics, public policy, and society. My entire career has been dedicated pretty much to translating academic research and theory into practice and policy, and resolving the inherent tensions that often exist in those domains.

Fred Olayele


During my keynote address at the 2021 Economic Development New Zealand conference last week, I emphasized that wealth plays a critical role in helping households to buffer economic shocks, in addition to making strategic investments capable of contributing to economic mobility.

I am delighted to deliver the keynote address at the annual conference of Economic Development New Zealand. Many thanks to the EDNZ Board of Directors for the invitation. Hello #PalmerstonNorth!

Berlin-based #AgeofEconomics recently asked me to share my perspective on the role of economics and the inner workings of capitalism. Full interview available here:

Our event is underway! "Rebuilding an Inclusive Economy" feat. @John_N_Friedman, @drfredolayele of @NYCEDC, @JoeyOrtizJr of @NYCETC_org, Kathryn Wylde of @Partnership4NYC & @JaclynKelly1 - WATCH:

The basic economic argument for infrastructure is that capital investment is an important driver of long-run growth. The endogenous growth theory gives a good account of how policy interventions can create positive spillover effects:

A great pleasure joining #InfraDay and 480+ infrastructure leaders across the US to discuss the very topical and important issue of #InfrastructurePolicy:

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