Academic, Global Development Expert & Policy Entrepreneur Harnessing the Power of Markets for Social Innovation.

A distinguished economist and public policy expert, Dr. Olayele’s research interests and practice areas cover trade policy, innovation, FDI, urban policy, political economy, and inclusive development.

Latest Insights & Research

fDI Intelligence. June/July, 2022
The International Trade Journal, Volume 33, Issue 5, 2019
Working Paper, Social Science Research Network, 2017
with A. Gutiérrez, Metrópolis, el futuro es ya presente, Núm. 920 (2021)
with P. Goel, International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, Volume 14, Issue 1, 2022
with K. Soo, Cogent Economics & Finance, Volume 8, Issue 1, 2020
IAEE Energy Forum, Quarter 2, Issue 34, 2015
with P. Goel, NYCEDC Economic Development Quarterly, Volume 2, 2020

Professional Practice

Fred Olayele brings extensive capability and all-round professional experience to technical economic advisory and public policy practice. He is quick to deploy forecasting, simulation models, and other important instruments in the policy toolkit to achieve incremental innovations in the policy cycle. From Saskatchewan and Morocco to Ethiopia and New York to Spain and British Columbia, he has an impeccable track record of helping decision-makers understand varying complexities and important policy trade-offs.

……..much of my work happens at the intersection between economics, public policy, and society. My passion is translating academic research and theory into practice and policy – and resolving the inherent tensions that often exist in those domains.

Fred Olayele